COVID-19 Vaccines Have Arrived in Walsenburg!

We’re excited to share BIG news – the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines has arrived in Walsenburg and we began vaccinating residents of our Veterans Community Living Center this morning!

By every measure, this year has been long and challenging and we are confident these vaccines truly signal the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

As we noted several days ago, the first batch of vaccines is from Moderna, with receipt of Pfizer’s vaccine to follow soon. We received 80 doses for Veterans Community Living Center residents, to be followed immediately with 100 doses for our most at-risk staff members.

Although the vaccine rollout is moving quickly, we must remain vigilant in our preventive measures like wearing masks, vigorous handwashing, social distancing and staying home when possible. COVID-19 infections are still near record levels here and elsewhere and the full national vaccine rollout will take months.

As we confirm receipt of additional batches for other segments of the population, we will share via our newsletter, sign up on the home page if you haven't already.

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