Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center, located in Walsenburg, is pleased to announce our new COVID CLINIC – a temporary unit located on the north side of the facility. The COVID CLINIC is a dedicated unit for in-person triage of high-risk persons and those who suspect they may have contracted COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

At this time, the recommended procedure for those with symptoms or concerns is to review the following screening questions, have your answers ready and call 719-738-4569 to discuss the best next steps for your specific situation.

1) Do you have any of the following? • Fever • Cough • Difficulty Breathing • Wheezing • Sore Throat

2) Have you been in close contact with somebody who has been confirmed to have had COVID-19?

3) Have you been hospitalized recently? (If yes, why?)

4) Are you a health care worker who has recently been in contact with a patient who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

5) Do you live in a group home or nursing home?

6) Have you traveled recently? (If so, where)

7) Are you 60 years or older?

8) Do you have a poor immune system or do you get sick easily?

9) Do you have any chronic illness? (such as: Diabetes, Kidney Problems, Heart Problems or Heart Disease, Pregnancy, Lung Cancer, COPD, Asthma, etc.).

Thank you again for your dedication to social distancing, proper and frequent hand-washing and quarantine-at-home recommendations. We are prouder than ever of the wonderful people that make up the Spanish Peaks Region and We are Here for You!

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