Stop the Surge!

Chances are you've noticed the BIG surge in COVID-19 cases in Huerfano County over the past several weeks. While most of these and other local cases have been managed well at-home, the increase in the spread of Coronavirus in our community could lead to additional fatalities along with increased restrictions on businesses.

Our community has done an excellent this year in keeping the pandemic out of our county and supporting our local businesses during these challenging times. We must continue -- and even increase -- our precautions during this current surge to protect life and the economic health of our neighbors.

That means masks must be worn in public at all times, we must continue to maintain a safe distance while out, hand-washing must be adhered to and if you don't need to go somewhere -- especially if there are crowds -- please stay home.

Medical advances are being made quickly and we look forward to getting a much better handle on the virus soon, but we simply aren't there yet.

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