Your Health is Too Important to Wait

If you or someone you love needs medical attention, do not wait.

Don’t wait if your child needs their routine wellness exam. Don’t wait if you’re experiencing chest pains. Don’t wait if you’re injured and need treatment.

At our campus across from Lathrop State Park, we continue to treat patients with the same expertise and care as always – something we’ve done since the onset of COVID-19. We provide virtual clinic visits as well as in-person visits, depending on the needs of the patient.

Will I be safe from Coronavirus?

Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center meets and exceeds all state-required sterilization protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’ve separated our clinics and all other areas from locations of examination, testing and triage of potential COVID-19 individuals. We thoroughly sterilize our clinics literally around the clock. We use advanced air disinfecting systems with hydro-peroxide vaporizers routinely to ensure patient and staff safety. Each staff member is carefully monitored for any symptoms, with temperatures taken daily and tests on-hand should staff show symptoms.

Call 719-738-4590 to schedule an appointment today.

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